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Dr.Yaseen M. Almleaky

 Associate Professor


The Subject of astrophysics is my goal and main interest. Since I was young I witnessed a supernova and was amazed by this magnificent view. I joined the astronomy department since 1977 as an undergrad student. At Glasgow University I finished my Ph D in astrophysics in 1990. I then joined the staff at Astronomy Dept since then, where many activities and projects have been developed beside teaching different courses and Master degree supervision. Some of which Sabbatical leave at Goddard space centre, Maryland, USA. Satellites orbits and air drag research. Solar activities research projects, and clime change, Astronomical observations in general was always interesting according to sky clarity. In 2003,  I supervised the KACCOA centre at Makkah Clock, beside the Time centre, lunar stations and weather climate stations, both planning and executions, Astronomy was one of the main subjects I involved in with  different international organizations and centers. I joined Speculoos project which is one of the leading projects in exoplanets, where it focuses on the exploration of this diversity, by discovering planets and consequently, studying them. In my CV you will find my expertise academically , administratively and other related disciplines. 




  • 1990

    Doctorate degree from Space and AstronomyScience, Glasgow University- UK, جلاسجو, بريطانيا


  • 1983-حاليا

    Associate Prof., KAU - Astronomy and space sciences, Jeddah, المملكة العربية السعودية

  • 2004-2009

    Vice Dean , Students Affairs, Jeddah, المملكة العربية السعودية

  • 2015-حاليا

    Chair Head, KACCOLR, Jeddah, المملكة العربية السعودية

Research Interests

astrophysics- solar physics - space dynamics - general observations ( crescent - deep space -exoplanets) - climate change and solar activity

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general Astronomy 201 201
general Astronomy 201 201

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